Raves for 2007 Petite Sirah

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91 Points
“Miro has done an altogether remarkable job here at bringing a sense of winemaking polish to Petite Sirah without sacrificing the fundamental strength and sturdiness that are the varietal’s signature gifts. Leading with very deep, slow-to-unfold aromas of blackberries, pepper and clove, the wine is rich and invitingly fruity with expansive, long-lasting flavors that show a bare hint of chocolate to the same themes of berries and spice. It is not at all sparing in tannin, yet it is never overly tough, and it is by all standards a complete and compelling effort. GOOD VALUE”
— Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wine
Volume 34 Issue 9: July 2010

“Black- and blueberry fruit with spice notes…with a soft, seductive finish.” – Dan Berger’s Vintage Experiences April 22, 2010

“This starts with spicy, earthy and berry aromas and continues with a huge mouthful of blueberry fruit. The acid/fruit balance is perfect, and it has the structure to be able to age a long time.”
—Piedmont Post, April 7, 2010

“The 2007 Petite just blew me away! What a stunning wine, you have the touch to capture the best of the Petite’s fruit-tannin-mouth-feel and color! It will hold for quite some time if you can resist drinking it now!! Save me some…” – Heinz Steiner

“Like drinking a Cadillac.” – Blake