Whenever you buy 12 bottles of wine from our web site, you’re in the Club.

If you’ve already bought 12 bottles of wine from us in this calendar year, you’re already in the club.

  • Anybody who orders 12 bottles of wine from our web site—all at once today or bottle-by-bottle over the course of the year—is in the club.
  • Club members get 15% off 1 to 11 bottles; 25% off 12 or more bottles per order.
  • We’ll remind you to order a couple of bottles (your choice) three or so times per year, but you don’t have to do it when we say so. Any time.
  • Keep ordering (by the bottle or by the case) at least 12 bottles per year, to stay in the club.
  • That’s it.
Club Miro sounds like a disco, but it’s more like a loyalty program at this point. If our Miro Cellars business grows, we might throw a loud party or a quiet dinner. It might be potluck at first, but it will definitely be fun and Club Miro members will definitely be invited.


Bob buys 6 bottles in January, three bottles in February and three bottles in March. Bob misses out on a pretty good 10% case discount by spreading his purchases out like that, but Bob is not so much of a bargain hunter.

Since he’s now ordered a total of one case of wine, Bob automatically becomes a Club Miro member in March.

Bob orders a mixed case of wine in April. He forgets to log in, so he doesn’t see his bonanza 25% marked off on the wines in his cart. However, Molly (Mrs. Miro) remembers him and applies his Club discount when she rings up his order and she sends him an email to let him know.

In May, Bob logs in to the site and orders a case of wine. He has a nice cellar! He’s also a generous man and he shares his discount with his friend, Alice, who goes in on 6 of those bottles. No problem.

Next January, Bob’s membership is good if he orders wine in January when he gets his Club Miro Reminder, but by the end of the month he slacks and his membership resets. He can find his way back in by ordering 12 bottles. One by one or all at once.